Sunday, 2 September 2012

Message in a Bottle ...

Its a rough translation, of an article shared on the Skiathos FB page, about Teo Tzoumas our island environmentalist - It shows what can come out of the beach cleaning, quite a story ...

Horror traveled in waves

How a bottle that was thrown over a year ago from Libya in the Mediterranean brought together a Turk and a Greek Skiathos The letter traveled from Libya to Skiathos a message love for the sea, fear and anger over the war in Libya and sympathy for the recipient, traveled in a plastic bottle from the port of Tripoli, crossed the Mediterranean and washed up in Skiathos. Dispatcher in August 2011 a Turkish engineer merchant navy was in Tripoli and ... recipient in March 2012, a young Skiathitis, he found on the beach of Agia Paraskevi, which cleaned along with other volunteers. The latter responded and sent an invitation to the unknown friend and last weekend Ersen Emir was in Skiathos and the island kalodechtike like a favorite friend who waited long. Ersen The flew a total of 14 bottles with messages in August 2011 in the sea. The four of them had a two-page letter with pictures of the horrors of war and traveled thousands of miles through the water. In March, one of the four bottles were found on a beach in Skiathos, Theodore Tzoumas, president of the Cultural Association "Skiathos", opened with the help of a Turkish tourist read it. I put the message in an envelope and sent it in Bursa, who wrote at the sender, together with its elements. few weeks later he got a message on his cell phone: "I'm Ersen. Find me on Facebook ». The two men began to communicate, and this past weekend in Skiathos Ersen traveled to meet his Greek friend, and revealed that the next trip will be in Thessaloniki, birthplace of his grandfather. Ersen The Emir with Theodore Joyce. " s with a commercial carrying wheat to the port of Volos. He got special permission from the captain and came to the island. My joy was indescribable. We met for the first time and it was like to know year, "he told the 'Nation' Th Tzoumas. Last weekend was the end of Ramadan for Muslims and Ersen wanted to be in the home. He indeed for this reason decided to leave the boat earlier. But he could not miss the opportunity to meet Skiathos and his friend and when he learned that there was a problem, he asked permission to miss a 24 and joined the hydrofoil to Skiathos. "nation" had been reported in the case with full-page published an and two months ago, "When I was writing the messages I did not have much hope. I was pretty sure that no one will read them, nobody will even open the bottles, "said Emir Ersen and revealed that when the letter of T. Juma came to his parents, they alarmed because they do not know anyone from Greece and went ... the Police. LETTER TO "I want to experience the freedom, no more bombs," "When the bombs explode, the night becomes day, the weather shines. And when you stop, it falls quite dark, but we're still here. The sea is freedom. I want to experience the freedom and not other adventures, "wrote the flaming Tripoli seeing the bombs explode around him. It was August 2011 and Ersen sat on the bridge of the cargo ship, awaiting permission from the Libyan authorities to leave. For a while he thought not xanasalparei, but when he repented and returned to his homeland, Bursa, renewed his navy flyer. pulled this message in four copies, he wrote another 10, with different contents and in closed plastic bottles. From the highest point of the ship threw them in the water and some time traveling the gazing into the foam until he lost sight of. waited ... And then was so affected by the film of Luis Mantoki «Message in a bottle "you definitely wanted to see if you lived the Kevin Costner, Paul Newman and Robin Wright really happening. Of the 14 messages only that Skiathos has been identified. In all, however, is its location and the request must be sent to the family home in Turkey with the elements of what would find in any shore. MARIA RITZALEOU PHOTOS

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