Sunday, 16 September 2012

Customer Service - Hal 9000 ...

Regular readers will know, I like a customer service question, but really I do like the answers. Never afraid of dropping an e-mail to the CEO, if someone is a little off with their response.

Today's discussion point is that wonder of printed circuitry - The Kindle ...

It may hold 3500 books, the Encyclopedia Britannica etc, but if you step on it - it makes a little clinky noise and Its as dead as a dodo  ...

Now I never had that problem with a single paperback, let alone 3500 of them

So you e-mail amazon about a repair, they say no thanks,  they want to call you about a repair, but not us in Greece.

Like many companies they do not deal directly with this country, for some of their goods or services. Which is strange, because most of the time they are excellent, but at times Greece is like a far removed outpost of the EC. The South East Frontier looking at Asia and the middle east ...

So - You have to use the chat facility to talk to someone called Harish - who may be a robot (HAL 9000) somewhere on the sub continent ...

  • You are now connected to Harish from 
  • Me:Hello my Kindle screen is broken. I stepped on it, Please can you advise how, I can get this repaired. Thank You 
  • Harish:Hello, my name is Harish.I am sorry about this. I'll be happy to help you today. 
  • Let's go ahead and try resetting your Kindle. Make sure the Kindle is unplugged from the power source for me. Hold the power switch in the "ON" position for 20 seconds. Please be sure to watch a clock or timer to ensure the full 20 seconds has passed before releasing the power switch Let me know if this helps 
  • Me:No it will not, as the screen is broken 
  • Harish:How exactly did the kindle screen break? 
  • Me:See above in my opening question 
  • Are you still there ?
         There was a long pause ... 
  • Me:Are you still there ? 
  • Harish:Yes, Could you hold for a minute or two while I research this for you? 
  • Me:Its broken, take it from me, I am looking at it 
  • Harish:Looks like your kindle needs to be replaced. 
  • Me:Seems that way - Why not repaired ? 
  • Harish:We can offer you a discount on a new one 
  • Me:I would rather have you repair it, saves more CFC's being produced making a new one, and the battery gets a longer life. 
  • Harish:Do you need a new battery ? We can dispose of your old kindle for you too 
  • Me:No my Kindle is broken and just needs a repair, How come i can send it to you to dispose of but not get it repaired - Its cheaper surely? 
  • Harish:Unfortunately, your Kindle is out of warranty and the model is no longer offered, what we can do is offer a 20% discount on any of the other models 
  • Kindle for £51.20 at a discount of £21.8 plus the cost of delivery of the replacement 
  • Kindle Touch Wi-Fi for £87.20 at a discount of £21.80 plus the cost of delivery of the replacement 
  • Me:How do we proceed with this ? 
  • Harish:I will go ahead and create a replacement for you. Which kindle would you like to buy? 
  • Me:I need to see the options ? 
  • Harish:To learn more about the different Kindle models currently available, please visit the Kindle product detail pages: Kindle Touch: Kindle: 
  • Me:OK I just checked and see mine is available on the website Kindle Keyboard 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, 6" E Ink Display 
  • Harish:I understand, however we offer discount only on the above mentioned models. 
  • Me:So why say its not available and offer an inferior product ? You did say any other model 
  • Harish: You can still purchase the same kindle, however I can confirm the discount not offered on device 
  • Me:Ok we will think about it Thank you 
  • Harish:Sure, For your convenience, I have already updated the comments on this case, the moment you contact us back, my colleague will be able to know your issue and can help you. 
         You’re welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with today? 
  • Me:No thank you (I so much wanted to ask for the address of e-bay)
Seconds later a beautifully scripted e-mail landed saying what he had done - I thought he's quick !

A cautionary tale - Don't say i did not warn you  ...

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