Friday, 24 August 2012

The Greeks invented the word for that ...


I always get impressed when the official stamps come out. I know this is an important time, and stamps mean authority and power. I open my eyes wide in awe, and nod appreciatively. This is not the time to argue or upset your official - Its the moment of truth as you look across the desk or counter ...

Desk drawers will be opened and closed, whilst the dried out, and 'concave from the ravages of time' ink pad is sought, papers shuffled and arranged, and a hearty thwack (Below Richter 2.0 is not monitored - or deemed worthy by the Athens seismology institute) as the seal of officialdom is delivered to your piece or pieces of paper.

Note: If the paper is stapled, the jointed edges across the staples will also be stamped, just in case you remove the staple. Further photocopies of the paper must show the join and official stamp exactly - or you start the process again

So when you get to an office, first count the assembled amount of stamps, hanging waiting to be used by an official - the highest number is the person you probably want to speak to. Be warned some officials hide their new self inking stamps in their desk to avoid being disturbed whilst they monitor their Facebook notifications on screen.

So stamps to a document - thirteen is the current record, that is different seals of authority, in varying colours an shades of tone - Not delivery to the form (23) but seven on an illegible printed form (toner expired and long past change date) for an x-ray recently was pretty impressive ...

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