Monday, 27 August 2012

Silent surfers ...

Sorry am still working on the book ....

What do you mean you did not know ?

Someone let the cat out of the bag - Sorry (Cat societies) Monkey out of the drawer, over canapes at the concert the other night.

I have the plot, just need to think about the names and Biography/Novel unless I want to end up swimming off Evia.

If it makes it to the silver screen, I aim to cast Richard Gere, Penelope Cruz and Julia Roberts for the film version, with a planned 'walk by' part for Tom Cruise, at the request of the old ladies of Kapadistrou. 

Penelope would still look good, running up the Seven steps of Rock and Roll, where Meryl failed at the church over the water ...

Tom Hanks as director, I like the Castaway, Apollo 13 lost in cyberspace link, and he has good contacts for couriers if required.

My mates down the harbour can rest assured, there will be lots of boat scenes, their future is more certain.

Vasilis has been in touch despite his legendary technical issues with his PC, via his Holywood agent and wants to do the musical score, but despite his noble contacts - I understand we can get Val Doonican cheaper if required.

Something loud and jingly, like the Dambusters theme, performed by the Skiathos band is my prefered choice. They really are very good and sadly missed at the moment. Keep practicing together ladies and gentlemen - full time employment awaits you at a host of premiers worldwide.

Watch this space as they say in literary terms, or scramble your electrons if you are a kindle reader (Other e-reader systems are available) ...

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