Saturday, 4 August 2012

Its all gone ...

... very quiet

Lately on the blog, however Skiathos is being crammed with tourists from the mainland.

The Express Skiathos is arriving twice daily packed to the 'crows nest' with young people heading for a few days here on 'the rock'

In fact at weekends, you cannot get a seat on the ferry until late at night - my preferred time of travel ...

This afternoon, I watched as the Express swallowed up thousands of people, and their cars and then just squeezed some more cars on the lorry deck before departing to Volos.

Its hot, peoples patience is as close to boiling point as the temperatures around us

... spare a thought for those working in the heat, to give you all a good time whilst you are here.

No rain here for ages and none on the horizon too - September and the cooling chance of a storm is just a month away.

Last night the power in town and across the island went off, (Too much aircon perhaps ?) the Paralia looked quite romantic without street lights. Some businesses operating with back up supplies or on different circuits, gave the town a fairy tale look ...

However the heat and dust, are accompanied by a gut renching stink from the harbour - as the numerous yachts and motor cruisers foul our safe haven, and make me wish for the lazy days of winter.

Before that though peaches are ripening on the bushes. The first figs are ripe too and bursting open on the trees, attracting hungry wasps. The island tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh produce has amazing taste and freshness.

We must enjoy the fruits of the island - The season end, short as it is - is but 9 short weeks away ...

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