Friday, 17 August 2012

Free trips to Greece up for grabs ...

The Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) has extended the deadline for participation in the “True Greece” campaign until August 27. Interested persons can log on facebook and search for the “True Greece” application in order to sign up. The sweepstakes is giving away two free round trip tickets to Greece and seven nights’ accommodation to 150 winners. Prize winners will be able to book their tickets between the September 1 and December 31. Only certain airports will be allowed as departure airports.

The competition works by asking participants to select eight photos of Greece from the “True Greece” photo bank. Users can then share these photos on facebook and other social media in order to promote a positive vision of Greece to other social media users in their networks. The “True Greece” website also highlights travelers’ glowing testimonials of their time in Greece – counterstriking against the negative publicity that has made some tourists wary. (Athens News, LE)

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