Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bad moon rising ...

You mention the word 'storm' and people get very upset ...

Oh no, get it over with, it must not rain when we are there, you just need a shower etc We have had one decent rain in eleven weeks. The island is a parched dustbowl, and in long overdue need of a steady drenching.

Sadly sooner or later this lovely weather is going to break. Already the air is cooler, and the month of September, which often has hosted those fantastic Sporades storms, is just a few days away.

Tonight is the start of the famous 'Blue Moon' its not actually blue but rises full for the second time in a calendar month. It is a time for wild parties, and photo-shopped  images of the moon rising from an impossible angle over the Parthenon in Athens.

Its also is said to affect peoples mood, amongst many other things. Whether you believe it of not the Police forces call it their dark night.

... It's one of the most enduring myths in human history, embedded in popular culture and folklore from Transylvania and the myth of the werewolf to Creedence Clearwater Revival's breakaway 1969 hit, "Bad Moon Rising." The word "lunacy" has its roots in the Latin word for moon.

We had a windstorm, these last few days. (Storm = Panic) Of such intensity that it sent the rubbish flying, dust eddies like mini twisters, and grounded the fishing and tourist boat fleet for two days. But still there was clear skies, and sunshine. Tourists that braved the southern beaches were rewarded with few neighbours, and stunning clear air views across to Evia.

It has done some serious damage to friends olive trees, both here and over on Skopelos. Being an Olive year across most of the island, those trees that were laiden with fruit, are now stripped of much of their harvest.

A year when there has been little rain, meant there was little strength, within the tree to retain the fruit. Fruit that is now rotting on the floor - not pressed or preserved for winter foods, that remind you of summer days that have long since passed.

It will be a low yield harvest for many - unlike two years ago when much of the island, delivered a bumper crop, both in yield and quality to the olive press. However, I am blessed with long arms, and do know where to look for mine, although only for the jar later this year

We know who to blame, for what has happened, just look up later tonight for the culprit, as he rises over the Pounta - 98% full now and the big night tomorrow ...

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