Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Weather ...

I have been catching up with friends ...

Last night over dinner, we watched as the huge full moon rose over the Pounta, amazing moonlight shadows reflecting on the water. There is a huge yacht moored on Palio Limani, it was silhouette perfectly, just as things always are when you do not have a camera to hand

Checking the electronic media this morning. and its all about the weather. Seems its a bit rough north of the alps and a bit grim north of Watford ...

Some of the posts are really sad - so after a little research, here is a suggestion ...

Now you know what to do ...

PS Just checked again, and there is not a cloud in the sky to be seen anywhere ...


  1. Your synopsis of the UK weather is spot on but please don't rub it in with such glee.
    For our weather tomorrow the forecast is 20 degrees(C?)with heavy showers and possible thunderstorms.
    Haven't booked the flight yet but guess it's not far away.

  2. Its the daily whining on Facebook and Twitter. Only a few weeks ago there were hosepipe bans and moral outrage, at it all. Living in Greece is printing daily warnings of fire risks on the islands, as we head into the hot season and heatwave temperatures.

    1. Hope you don't get the fires.
      I was staying in Koukounaries in July 2007 when the large one swept across from the refuse tip towards Aghia Paraskevi.
      Was out walking the trails around Mandraki area at the time; keeping a close eye on the smoke direction before making a beeline back to the south for safety.
      It was interesting there to see the firefighting seaplanes scooping up water in the bay before overflying the fire and dropping the load on the flames.
      Terrific damage caused.
      Subsequent visits over the years have shown how long it takes for the land to recover, if at all.

    2. The fire fighting planes crossed the island yesterday evening, they were very low passing the harbour heading towards Skopelos.