Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bus etiquette ...

Sunday morning in Volos ...

Less buses in operation and the streets are deserted of traffic. However there are plenty of customers waiting at the bus stop. The first obstacle to overcome is the electronic ticket machine.

Jostling for position are the little old ladies, all immaculate and dressed in their sunday best at 9am. The machine is quite easy to operate, but probably the slowest printing device known to man.

Once i get my turn, i buy two tickets, slowing the queue, but saving myself from doing this again later for the return leg. The bus comes into view, and the lady bus driver allows everyone to board - That would not happen in London, there would be a roar of engines, and waft of diesel as the bus disappeared into the distance.

We departed very slowly along, Iasonias - the street named after Jason (of the argonaughts) I thought it was either to keep the bus to time, or to allow the ladies to (eventually) find their seats.

Trouble is they sit down, then change seats because of the sun through the windows, the view or that they do not want to sit next to whoever is sitting next to them.

Some of the looks of disgust or shock they give their neighbours, I wonder if it was a feud or some boyfriend issue from many years before.

Its quite interesting to wonder why someone sitting near the window, will climb out past their aisle companion, to sit somewhere else - next to someone else - without a word being said.

Eventually seated, the waft of perfume as intoxicating as the chatter, and seven stops further on. I had to squeeze by to exit as another game of 'Old lady roulette' began.

I would love to know where they were going, to church ? But you can guess how many we had already passed ...

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