Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tropical Rain ...

This morning the weather broke with torential rains and flash floods. I was soon soaked to the skin and may have contracted trench foot from my early visit to the harbour.

Later aboard a packed and rain lashed Flying Cat 6 I was speeding across a dark grey sea towards the mainland.

There were Grey faces on some of the italian travellers too ~ I feared we would soon be renamed Vomit Comet 6. However the weather calmed as did the anguished looks as we neared the mainland and terra firma

Volos was dry, cloudy and humid - However there was much interest in the passengers disembarking with soaked clothes onto the quay from the islands.

This evening a waiter welcomed me as if i was an old friend - Clearly a sign of visiting the establishment too many times, and attempted to finish me off by meze plate after plate. I even took a passing interest in the football - Spain more favoured than Portugal by the locals - wonder why ?

Total cost for my night out €14 ...

Over 12 hours after arrival and the Timberlands are letting out an odour that would keep vampires at bay. They have been safely despatched to the balcony - Who needs deet laced mossie repellent ?

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