Sunday, 17 June 2012

Patriotism ...

When they scored the paralia went crazy ...

They only won a game not the championship - still somehow the tsipouro stayed in the glass. However my friend Sue emptied a nice tall glass of freezing water into my lap.

At full time flares were lit, and there was some fun and games on the paralia as someone ran around and did artistic designs with the red roman candle, We disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke, numbed by the tsipouro itself,

Today there will be a different kind of Patriotism on display as Greece goes to the election ballot box. Not much evidence of it here though. Greece’s second election in six weeks could bring to power Alexis Tsipras, the radical 38-year-old leftist who has promised to bring the Berlin-backed austerity measures to an end.

This would almost certainly result in the eurozone and the IMF cancelling billions of euros in loans that are keeping the country afloat.

Patriotism or another step on the road to anarchy ?

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