Monday, 18 June 2012

Ekologes - Results ...

Distribution of seats (final): ND 129, Syriza 71, Pasok 33, Ind. Greeks 20, Golden Dawn 18, Dem. Left 17, KKE 12

Election results (final): ND 29.66%, Syriza 26.89%, Pasok 12.28%, Ind. Greeks 7.51%, Golden Dawn 6.92%, Dem. Left 6.25%, KKE 4.5%

So we stay in the €uro it seems, and the voters moved to the right after the protest vote last time.

I wonder what the result would have been if the other 40% had turned up to vote ? You have to return to your home town to do so, many work in tourism on the islands, others have had their salaries cut. Many people now just cannot afford to travel home.

Is this the real election vote from the people ...

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