Sunday, 20 May 2012

Free food ...

The humble Mulberry ...

What i thought that was just a humble tree, that is pruned hard every year, and shoots again - has delicious fruits.

I joined some friends on an early morning scrumping expedition, in hunt of the 'Mouria'. To be honest I thought it was a wind up from my Greek friends and we were off to the hotel of the same name.

Not far from town, it seemed we were not alone, as we discovered other early morning islanders - out for a free breakfast. The birds seem to like them too ...

What does it taste like, Its a bit sharp, well like a cross between a dry blackberry and a sloe to me. 

Apparently its a superfood, Mulberries, like most dark fruit are rich in anthocyanins, which some studies have said are linked to health benefits against:

  • cancer
  • inflammation
  • diabetes
  • bacterial infection
The key to these foods is their regular steady intake, not "eat once and hope."
Looks like i had better get some more then whilst I can ...

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