Sunday, 11 March 2012

The next ferry will be ...

Late as usual - Its the Express Pegasus ... wrote:
Moored in Piraeus are up to this hour and 3 ships (Pegasus, Santorini and Skiathos) that they could perform the service line Sporades - Volos.
According to the website the Express Pegasus, will depart Monday afternoon from the new Molo Drapetsona for Sporades guaranteed in order to take from Tuesday routes the Express Skiathos, since it has not completed the annual stillness and the Sporades has been left without a boat.

We usualy have a Ferry called the Express Skiathos, in February it has a maintenance period,where it gets a service,a new coat of paint. Its now getting towards the middle of March, and its still not back after three sea trials ....
The Express Santorini covers, but its engine failed over a week ago. Its laid up in Piraeus.
The Skyros line Achilleas came to the rescue so we had food in the islands. (We were linked to Skyros again)
Now the Express Pegasus is sailing in - but not yet - it is the slowest boat in the fleet, and cannot service Skopelos town so will serve Agondas instead.
So come Tuesday the Pegasus will steam in as usual around 30 minutes late from Volos. Around one hour late by the time it gets back to Skiathos. They take the timetable and throw it in the bin.
We always wondered why, we no longer have a Saturday ferry in winter any more. Well it gives the Express Pegasus a day off to make up the time it looses in the week.

Now if the Pegasus conks out ... !

All part of the rich tapestry of life, living on a green island in the aegean ...

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