Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Austerity - Take 2 ...

As austerity bites, our fragile economy, its hitting our eco-system too. 

Concerned residents have noticed that the must have product this year is Loo Paper.
Our Island branch of Carrefour seems unable to obtain stocks at all in recent weeks. I had noticed stocks were an issue over the last two weeks, but it appears from reliable sources,  its four weeks with no deliveries.

So - It appears trees were not cut down, after all for firewood this winter - actually they were pulped for essential services. Kitchen paper is in abundant supply, and rolls are being chainsawed to the correct size up in the hills, by a dedicated band of workers

 The 2012 'must have' Island index are as follows ...

  • Petrol - Up again, Its €1.98 and about to break the €2 a litre barrier this week. 
  • Tsipouro Meze €3 (No Change) Thanks God !
  • Loo Roll/Black Pudding/Seriously strong cheddar (Totaly unavailable - Open to offers by word of mouth on the black market) 
Island residents - 'Andrex by mail' is now available, Plain Quilted or Velvet. - 160 Sheets per Roll (4) £2.98 per pack. The postage is £6 a kilo, delivery 3-5 days. You know who to ask ...

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