Saturday, 25 February 2012

Up with the lark ...

Well the church bells actually ...

The priest was being most insistent this morning, I saw him at 7am tugging the ropes with the 'Come to church" bellscript. I passed by with just a few startled cats for company, en route with the bottles to Taxiacharis.

Blue skies and a warm feel to the air, by the time I arrived at the car, I had warmed up quite a bit too.

There is almond blossom and cherry blossom everywhere. Wisteria has budded and will bloom soon. Wild flowers popping out of pavement cracks, crevices and tired looking pots, small blue flowers on the foreshore, the island is bursting with the first signs of spring.

Up at Taxiacharis, water was gushing from the spring. The sun had risen, around 1/3rd of the way along Skopelos. It was burning my back as i filled the bottles, and burning my eyes too as I returned down the hill.

Back at sea level the heart was thumping as i returned the bottles home - must be something to do with the quick changes in altitude and exercise. A greeting from the dustmen as they scattered the cats, going about their duties.

Strolling back along the paralia one of the bus drivers, exchanged a greeting, as did the lady at the Goldfish bar. Locals along the harbour nodded or called out a cherry 'Kale Mera'

Church square is filled with the aroma of fresh bread. Its intoxicating and makes you hungry, but its still in the oven, not on the shelves at that time. Just as well, I had no cash on me.

Maroula is outside, she is breaking up the fruit boxes for kindling under her feet. The waft of olive wood smoke, from her woodburner fills the street with its perfume, even at this early hour.

So after a coffee, next is to raise Junior (Who does not like to surface too soon) as we have a birthday party to attend - and a brisk walk beforehand.

That should take us up to at least a late lunch - hopefully somewhere sunny and warm ...

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