Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cut off ...

Not the electricity - but transport ...

Following yesterdays strikes, now the ferries are stuck in port due to bad weather. No crossings or supplies today from the mainland.

Lets look on the bright side - more snow expected tomorrow ...


  1. Hi Ian,
    Your photos of the snow on 1st February were interesting.
    Is there any chance of uploading a link to the original picture of the old harbour in the snow (second from the bottom of the photos)?
    I did click on the picture in your blog and got the slightly larger picture but the image ex-camera would be better.
    Would you mind me saving it to my computer?
    A picture of Skiathos in the snow isn't something I envisage ever being able to take myself.
    If you want summer images I've got loads!!
    If it's easier then I could send an email address for an attachment.

  2. Pete

    Send me your e-mail address (It will not be published) Photo will be sent to you ...

  3. Thanks Ian.

    Hope the weather improves for you.
    I see that southern Greece around Stoupa are also getting rough weather. It seems to also be affecting the Canary Islands to some extent. The webcams make interesting viewing.
    It's pretty miserable here as well, down to minus seven at night and just about getting positive in the day. At least for the most part it's dry. Snow is forecast for later today, for the last hour it's been rain.
    A friend spends his winters in Malta but I see they are struggling to get above ten degrees.

    Sorry to be the true Brit talking about the weather.