Sunday, 15 January 2012

Winter arrival ...

The island hopper has always been hit and miss ...

But this evening the Olympic was full of friends returning from a trade fair in Athens. Climbing through the evening clouds to see a sunset, like hot coals as it lit the top of the clouds.

Evia was sprinkled with snow like icing sugar, the sea a darkening grey green below.

Earlier I had looked down on Skiathos from 35000 feet, the island no bigger than a finger nail as we overflew it. The runway clearly visible bisecting the island. The only other scar on the island the municipal dump. Amazing from that height, that you could see the white caps on the waves ...

Dropping down through the clouds, the dark Pelion was soon in view, then a seemingly dark Island. A friend behind remarked - 'Not another power cut' however lights on Kalamaki, came into view. Then the twinkling lights of Megali Amos, and Skiathos town below, as we dived over the departing Express Skiathos - Its bow and stern wakes clear from above as they reflected the lights of the island beyond.

We landed with a heartening thump, the propellers idled and we coasted up the runway to a near halt. A quick U turn, and the sight of familiar faces at the terminal windows.

Hugs and kisses, a welcome and a warm fire tonight  - Its good to be back home ...


  1. Hi, I think Olympic still flies the Aerospatiale ATR-42 between ATH and JSI. FWIW, the cruising altitude of this plane is about 12,000 ft...

    If you were at 35,000, there probably was something in the OJ.

    Thanks for putting out the Skiathon. Love it.. almost as much as Skopelos News.

    (If you want to see the details of this plane, go here:

    David DelMonte

  2. Welcome back ...I,ll bet you've missed your island home but give it a few days and it will feel like you never left it.

    1. Hi Bruce (Barty) seems I need to get chopping some wood (Political subject here on the rock) Its colder here than anywhere else. Going to take days to warm the place up.
      Will post something later need some input from friends on other islands :)

  3. Hi David - Thanks for the post. Olympic are using the Dash 100 this winter. Its 32 seats like a bus. We get the ATR-42 4/5 times a week in summer. From Athens we get around 10 minutes over the cloudbase around 120000 seems about right for the Dash too.
    It was 'Earlier' when I flew over the island, only it was with Aegean on an Airbus A320.
    From above, you see how small Skiathos is compared to our neighbour in the distance was my first view of your neighbour Skyros ...