Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sitting by the fire ..

In the undertakers office ...

Thats where I found myself this afternoon, enjoying a cup of mountain tea. I am pretty sure it was just the two of us there, as the woodburner was roaring away around 'Woodmark 6' and was being stoked at regular intervals.

After a chat about taxes, the troika, work, and the problems of living on a small island, I noticed that he had two large wine boxes set up on a table, by the door - A final toast perhaps ?

Later, we were hurtling along, a rather damp Evangelistra street over the cobbles, and splashing through puddles, in search of a woodman. We encountered a huge pile of beautiful olive wood, The colours of the split trunks were amazing.
Sadly however, they were destined for someone's fireplace, rather than a fine coffee table.

The woodman advised that the logs were spoken for, and the land soaked, so no deliveries for at least three more days. Only the next three days are expected to be very cold, and with a biting windchill. Tonight we expect -3. and on an island that is cold.

This evening the 'mighty woodburner did not want to play ball. It took ages to get going, it must be something to do with the air pressure (and lack of a breeze). However we were finally rewarded, with some sublime (Slow cooked) jacket potatoes, that were cooked within its furnace of a firebox.

Now it sits creaking in the corner, as the metal contracts, and the orange embers turn to ash. However it will probably be well in use over the next few days, as outside temperatures dip, and we - and our island neighbours, try to keep a few rooms warm ...

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