Monday, 23 January 2012

Scorchio ...

Ventured along the paralia earlier and it was very warm.

The tavernas and bars facing the sea had a busy day, even some of the locals sitting out in the sun. Some of the northern europeans, clearly enjoying topping up the 'Vitamin D' were turning a nice shade of 'Lobster red' Most of the locals did remain inside the heated tents, where the temperature was boiling, however it was nice to see, they did remove their coats for a change.

I managed a coffee at the Mythos bar, between shifts of running after junior - a great game if often rather one sided. However there was another round of 'Where have you been, and When did you get back' from friends and aquaintances, before we strolled back towards the bright afternoon sun.

Tonight its rather chilly again and the forecast as everyone keeps telling me - Is for more bad weather. The breeze has turned from the south to the north, and the chill is back. Still we have enjoyed the 'micros kalokeri' or 'little summer' of the last few days.

Lets see what happens in the next few days ...

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