Monday, 16 January 2012

Misconceptions ...

There are quite a few - feel free to add to the list ...

1. Its warm here all the time:
Actually its rather cold at the moment. Here in the house it was 12C/52F degrees this morning. Concrete houses are much colder. The fire has been lit and its lovely and warm now, Juniors room is warm, with an electric radiator keeping off the chill. I visited friends today wearing layers and a hat indoors.

2. Its cheap to live all year round:
A litre of milk is €1.24 a carton, its price rose last week from €1.09 Petrol is €1.89 a litre. I spent this evening contemplating how prices on our greek island are now more than Vienna - Noted as one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

3. The shops are empty:
They are very well stocked when i checked. Both Supermarkets had abundant supplies of fresh produce and milk etc. One retailer had been keen on a sale, undercutting a price on Volos, even with the shipping costs (Not before time) Supermarket trollies were well stacked when i stood at the till and in use by both Greek and Albanian residents. Whisky purchases still popular with Greek friends it seems.

4. No-one can afford to go out:
Plenty of evidence of parties taking place, and locals really enjoying their winter break. At least two of the winter clubs are open. Ouzerias, Pizza places and Gyros are open, and doing well, apart from those that have taken January off as holiday.

5. The fuel price means most people cannot travel.
Despite the cost the ferry and fast cat are well used, by people from the islands. However the Express Skiathos only operates to Glossa on certain days of the week. Other days it does the trip to Skopelos town and Patiri. This looks like an example of cost saving by the operator.

So people travelling around, bargains to be had, locals eating well and enjoying themselves. Still roaring around on scooters and 4x4's. Not a lot of change from what i can see so far ...

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