Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th ...

Better take it easy today ...

Still nursing a dodgy toe, I need to keep going despite the intermittent pain - must say the nurofen are the best for the pain and reducing swelling of the digit.

Word from the island is that people are preparing for a return to the drachma. That will be interesting if a run on the banks takes place - Those Euros many have stashed under the beds will not be very useful.

My friend Vasilis Korallis reports the island is trying to do something about the illegal logging.

"Last night I went to a formal meeting in regards to the problem we have here concerning the plight of our forests.
I am on the committee for the protection of the natural environment of Skiathos.  Over 25 people showed up and the meeting lasted over 2 hours.
The powers that be here are well aware of what is happening.  Solving this problem is VERY, VERY COMPLICATED.  There lots of issues.  I can't get into it all here but suffice to say that the Skiathos police, the Skiathos politicians, and ordinary citizens (like myself) are working on some kind of solution.  The bureacratic problems are ENORMOUS.  Policing the major areas where the plundering is happening is insanely complicated.  Noone really knows who is doing this (whether they are locals, poor foreign immigrants or just greedy individuals who are selling the wood to make money) do you police this kind of siutation? would anyone know where and at what time this illegal rape of our forests will occur in order to have the police there to make an arrest??????  The police are only allowed to police certain areas ONLY.  They would have to catch the culprit while he was in the act of cutting the wood.  Someone brought up the moral issue of the poor here needing wood to keep their family warm.  I could go on and on and on.....SUFFICE TO SAY that this Committee for the Preservation of the Natural Forests of Skiathos is most definitely working on SOME kind of solution.  We are already preparing teams of volunteers for a RE-FORESTING PROJECT.  Hundreds of trees will be planted where they are needed.  Something IS being done"

Anyone for some tasty greek fudge ?

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