Sunday, 11 December 2011

Still travelling ...

New experiences on our travels including the first sight of Snow, for junior ...

Travels going well, however a virulent cold bug, has laid both the girls low. This may affect our plans for the next few days.

 However 'back on the rock', its sunny and warm. A partial eclipse of the moon was seen last night, (Second one this year) Friends in Kolios reported frost in the valley yesterday morning, and -2 degrees later the temperature was a pleasant 17 degrees ...

Latest news: Some works have started at the airport, drainage pipes are being laid. Hopefully there will be extra parking spaces for aircraft in time for the new season.

An additional winter flight from January 3rd, by Olympic Air, every Tuesday from Athens to Skiathos. Departure from Athens at 12.10 and Expected departure from Skiathos at 13.10.

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