Saturday, 31 December 2011

New years eve ...

A sedate affair back on the rock ...

More Silent night, that sing 'a' long a Paralia. However around 10 minutes to midnight, (Greek Maybe Time) there will be a cacophony of noise, as shotguns are fired into the air.
Mainly by guys who can afford the cartridges, but who have trouble reading the watch after a few tsipouro's.

Here the fireworks being sold on the street are huge. Commonly available are rockets around 2m high, the warhead around the size of a magnum wine bottle. Roman candles and thunderflashes around 30cm high, and like the barrel of an anti aircraft gun.

If they had this artillery in 1939, I think Adolf may have taken a detour !

Off to fill sandbags, tape the windows and dust off the old tin hat for tonights aerial bombardment. Council defences active from 20.00hrs down by the river.

Have a Happy and safe New Year ...

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