Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Watching the TV this morning was an education ...

Four Greeks all talking over each other at the same time on the crisis. Over on the satellite channel some very interesting reporting from across europe, as the story changed during the day

Online the English Daily Mail had this headline (Much vevised) ...

A cout d'etat ?

I looked out of the window, and there was some cooing from a feather footed pigeon on a neighbouring roof. 

True there was some machine gun fire - then i realised it was a kango hammer, from a neighbours house, as he made a new apartment.

Shock. there was a tank on the corner of the street, but the Dimos are rather lax at picking up discarded water heater tanks it seems, of late. 

Yes - Some of the younger men are dressed in combats, but they had probably taken them home, at the end of their national service ...

Nothing like hysterical reporting to make more of a Crisis out of a Drama, being played on a national stage. 

A cout d'etat ? You could not make it up could you ? 

But it was on the front page of the DM - I checked the date - but they did get that right ...

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