Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bonfire day ...

No I have not wound the clocks forward five days ...

Its the 1st November - the greeting is Kalo Mina (Good Month) and the island is covered in low cloud. Actually its smoke from the bonfires being lit all over the island. Today is the first day of the bonfire season, and also the hunting season.

There is a pretty good chance you can get some '12 gauge' in the rear. If some hunter stalks you in the bonfire smoky mists, when you are out walking, whilst he is after small birds.

As my friend up in Kalivia said earlier - why do they all have to light them at once ...


  1. I love your blog and so enjoy keeping in touch with life on Skiathos. Your little anecdotes make me smile, love the posts on various fruit recipes...but, I so wish that they didn't shoot the small birds :(

  2. Hi Chrissy
    Thanks for your kind words, its great to hear from those who visit the blog each day.
    The hunters - I just do not understand, its not as if we had wild boar running around here. The small birds are their targets, the ducks at Vromoliminos, and i dare say the odd rabbit up in the hills. Otherwise any hillside roadsign gets targeted.
    Then there is the way some of them, treat their dogs ...