Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Stormy skies ...

... over Skopolos in the pre dawn light

And the result was 36 hours of rain. It cooled things down considerably, and there is more to come this weekend if the forecasts are to be believed.

However we have had a nice interlude of sunny weather. The skies this morning cleared to reveal a gorgeous blue and a blast of October warmth. This was best viewed over my cappuchino, across an almost empty harbour.

However junior helped herself to the top of my cappuchino, and the fresh biscuits, but that did not dampen the enjoyment of the occasion.

If the weather holds out for another day, then I may have to put the paint pots on hold, and go to the beach.

All around me preparations for winter abound. Deliveries of firewood to houses in the street. Shutters being adjusted, repaired and some sealed with plastic to keep out the worst of the winter weather.

Many businesses are closed up now for winter, windows covered in paper to keep out the sun, AirCon units wrapped in plastic and tapped up like christmas parcels. The owners apparently have fled to the mainland or elsewhere for the winter.

Maybe they all know something, and its not just the ongoing crisis that concerns them. This winter may be one of the harder ones to endure, both with the weather and the economy ...

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