Saturday, 15 October 2011

Soaked ...

... Thats the island, not me

Its been raining heavily for around 12 hours, for those who have sterna water tanks its been very good indeed. I collected some water yesterday from one of my downpipes. 5 litres/1 Gallon took 3 minutes. Thats 100 litres an hour of free water - going down the street and into the harbour, just from one downpipe.

Example = 100 litres in 1 hour x 12 hours = 1200 litres x 4 pipes = 4800 litres

Right now i wish i had a very large sterna tank, friends out of town will be hearing theirs fill with a smile on their face as they look at darkened skies, listening to rain on the roof.

Meanwhile at the airport STU3502 - the last flight of the season, is still on the ground from Friday, after not being able to land due to the low cloud and poor visibility.

We have an old fashioned airport, one where pilots - sorry the captain has to see the runway to land on it. Not too much electrical wizardary here - we have runway lights and a flashing light on top of the control tower, and red/green lights on the runway to show which end to use in the dark.

Well yesterday the captain could not see it so had to land at Thessaloniki instead. However the passengers could not be taken there (Having by that time missed the afternoon boat to Volos) so he missed out on a 4* night with the crew in Thessaloniki. The passengers also missed out on a cruise, and a six hour transfer by sea and coach.

The weather window cleared, just enough to bring the aircraft down from Thessaloniki, within the crew hours permitted - but not enough to get out and back up to Thessaloniki - where they could all be put up in comfort ...

Last night, Olympic reps were working hard, to find beds, and a taverna that could take 180 tired holidaymakers, on the night when most had closed up and gone home.

Its been quite a night ...

The weather right now - - No way to describe the weather at the moment other than foul, as you can see from the Poseidon rain forecast below


  1. Hi again Mr Skiathan: Any idea what time on Saturday that STU3502 got away? I see from your blog that Saturday's morning weather was rather damp. A wet/waterlogged runway again.

  2. Heard the engines at 08.27am. There are some great photos of the take off at