Monday, 24 October 2011

Ouch ...

Every once in a while, we all do something silly. Just the other day it was my turn. Up on top of the wardrobe was a case - and we needed it down. The case caught on something, so needed to be encouraged to shift.

Once encouraged it descended, under Newtons law of gravity ...

  • F is the force between the masses,
  • G is the gravitational constant,
  • m1 is the first mass,
  • m2 is the second mass, and
  • r is the distance between the masses.

Add to this the inert object just below, and the result is ...

Still, I managed to avoid a trip to the medical centre, despite Junior noticing that Dada had a new addition on the forehead. Naturally it looked like a doorbell so was promptly pressed ...


That will get better, however the right ear is making a strange noise, like water going down the sink. Just to be on the safe side, I sought learned opinion from someone who knows about these things, here on the Island ...

'Have you been swimming?'
'No' I said ...
'Leave it a couple of days it will go away'
'OK but this is the fourth' I said ...
'Leave it another few - it needs a week'

Pardon ..............................?

I was also advised not to put anything in it.

Locally they advise that a light application of Tsipouro, cures most things. Coughs, colds, rashes, abrassions etc. Ok so if I can't put it in my ear, or on the bump on my head then, maybe its best applied internally ?

Going out for some medicine later, wish me well - Yammas !

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