Monday, 10 October 2011

On a stormy morning ...

My good friend ADNAMS MAN has vanished, he has not been seen since the news broke that Zebekis the electrical store is closing. He was last seen clearing the shelves, and carrying boxes to a cave laughing. (Perhaps he is drawing up plans for the windmill i suggested to him - Great idea) 

The Cafe has closed, strangely since i closed my office opposite or was it that the teacake and black pudding supply had dried up.

If it re-opens we will sit in there all winter keeping warm, not buying anything, reading ADNAMS MAN's huge summer collection of back issues of the Daily Mail (Crosswords already completed)

I was heading up to Taxiacharis this morning, but the Island is being lashed by force 9 winds and rain at the moment. Somehow I think a water run when more than enough water is coming down the hill, is not a good idea.

Good News - Not so far today, but as a learned friend said yesterday, its all the fun of living on an island - And he is right ...

PS - The weather ? This should give you some idea

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