Friday, 28 October 2011

News reaches me that all is not well ...

on the European front ...

Here on Oxi day, I read that all is not well in Greece with regard to our German brothers.

Since the deal was done at 5am yesterday morning, some of our friends from the financiers of europe, are said to have been getting a rough time.

The english newspaper, the Daily mail reports this in depth here

However here in Skiathos that is not the case, and our German friends are as welcome as ever, in my favourite taverna. Especially now that the Greeks write off 50% of their bill and pass it to the German table to settle the rest. Naturally us Brits not being part of the deal, and outsiders in Europe, are expected to pay our own bill in full ...

My friend Colin Hilton produced this ditty, which i repeat here with some minor amendments, to explain to readers across the world, the view of the crisis from us here on the inside ...

Captain Mainwaring parleys Mrs Merkels representative

As life in Greece grinds on in the face of a crisis on the continent of Europe ~ with our people going about their daily business and our children upholding its timeless traditions ~ a coded intercept received indicates that Germany is prepared to sue for peace. At first sight of this I ordered my representative to Brussels, where he met with Herr Merkel over English Tea, in order to discuss terms.

It was I think Churchill who said “In cyberwar, resolution. In defeat, defiance. In victory, magnanimity" and for our part we wish to bring this beastly business to a timely end, in order that we can all return to our lives in Downton Abbey. I intend therefore to see to it that the return of currency as Greece's assets benefits a wider world, and the Home Secretary will be announcing details of a "New Deal" for charities in Europe shortly.

In no wise do we seek reparations, though our 175mm feta howitzers will not fall silent upon the Western Front until such time as Greece expects no longer. Until then "...we shall fight them in the ouzeria, we shall fight them on the paralia, we shall fight them in the olive groves and in the coffee shops, we shall fight them in the hills; we shall never surrender..."

In order to raise morale, I have prevailed upon Mr Noel Coward to come up with a suitable ditty, which goes like this:

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Sarkozy,
 If you think we're on the run?
We are the boys who will stop your little game,
 We are the boys who will make you think again.
'Cause who do you think you are kidding Mrs Merkel,
 If you think old Greece's done?

Mr Papandreo goes off to town in a BMW321,
But he comes home each evening and he's ready with his gun.
So watch out Mrs Merkel, you've met your match in us.
If you think you'll crush us we're afraid you've missed the bus.
So who do you think you are kidding Mr Cameron,
If you think old Greece's done?

Can I ask that this afternoon, before you gather around the radio in your homes and offices, that you print the lyrics and join the refrain by using the Hyper Link below?

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