Monday, 17 October 2011

Monsoon then heat ...

After a very wet weekend -  things are looking up. Its still rather cold, but the rain has stopped (around 5am) it had been torrential for three days give or take an hour on sunday afternoon.

The forecast is a little more optimistic. We now have clear blue skies so that will put the spring back in everyones step again.

However this morning, I become closely acquainted with 1/2 ton of winter firewood. My back is complaining, but the girls will be happy with my efforts later today - Somehow I have a feeling the mighty woodburner may be fired up this evening.

I buy my wood from Yorgos, he owns the ancient three wheeler Mazda van - Ideal for negotiating the lanes here in town, I have had my eye out for him, but although i have seen him, its been hard to catch him to place my order. 

This morning I heard the familiar sound of his van reversing up the street. 
Hi Yorgo, I said, as I lean in the window, we shake hands, he nearly crushes mine, the skin on his hands. like the texture of that of an elephant, and with the same strength. 

I need logs for my fire, so big. when? 'Tetarti' (Wednesday) he said, this became 'Avrio' (Tomorrow) same price as last year he said - and the deal was done. I looked at my watch, it was 10.30am.

Two hours later - I return to find 1/2 ton of olivewood outside my front door - now thats what you call service - Now all I have to do is find him, to pay him ...

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