Sunday, 30 October 2011

Clocks went back at 4am ...

However my body clock still woke at 5am - the old 6am like normal.

Wide awake, I thought of painkiller, and antibiotics. All required, one hour earlier for the troublesome tooth. This had let me know last night, that it was still there sleeping under the medical influence.

Only when the influence wore off ...

I busied myself, and did all the fun jobs. The rubbish, cleaning the mighty woodburner, and sorting out the woodpile.

Outside people were up and about early, denoted by footsteps in the street. Down on the harbour, the priest was looking out to sea, on his way to Tries Hieraches. I watched as small fishing boats departed, but not the trawlers - Its their day off. There were some men fishing, with hand lines, others walking on the Paralia at 6am.

I made my way up the mountain, a good opportunity to visit the spring at Taxiacharis, and to visit my mountain woodstore. Then coffee with my good friend, we watched as the rainclouds hovered over Skopolos in the pre dawn light.

Water, firewood and kindling all obtained, and returned to the house, and i swept the street outside - all by 8am. The start of another gloomy looking day, here 'on a rock in the aegean' ...

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