Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The age of romance ...

There is nothing like listening to a young man, (Slightly tipsy) declaring his love for a young lady in the street. However Matoula, the subject of the affection is around eighty years old. Her suitor perhaps older and possibly a little tipsy after a few glasses of something.

He was not shy in declaring his affection, banging on the window with his hands, and shouting to her. Matoula though was sitting with her friends in the front room, by the warmth of their woodburner. I could see her waving at him, but not gesturing to go away.

He was blowing her many filakias (Kisses) and telling her (and the street) too. He is not alone though, another young man of similar vintage, beats the window with his walking stick, also declaring his affections. So far the windows have stood up to the daily onslaught.

It seems in her day Matoula was quite a catch ...

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