Monday, 12 September 2011

Today in the Cafe - 10 ...

How to make friends and influence people ...

1. Greek approach

'Give me your phone' Our host said ...
Why ? - Use yours 
'I dont have one and, I need Tea cakes and a lift from ADNAMS MAN in the morning' !

Notice a theme here - FREE
So - No Mobile phone or WiFi, and no take away service to the office last night.

2. Xenos (Stranger) - in this case - English approach

Along come two lovely lady friends, and they give me a bottle of Tsipouro 
Now thats what i call good friends and its tucked away for a winters day, along with some promised free firewood, for the mighty woodburner from ADNAMS MAN ...

Spent the evening working as a friend's fleet co-ordinator, he works in a hotel, and he has two happy guests this morning.

ADNAMS MAN Reminded me to get the chainsaw sharpened this morning.
So perhaps a tsipouro after a day in the woods with the boys this autumn, Looks like its a done deal to me  ...

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