Monday, 26 September 2011

Just back ...

From a breezy water run up to Taxiacharis ...

First signs of daylight creeping through the clouds, as i returned. Town was rather quiet, the silence only interrupted by a passing scooter, and drifting rubbish being scattered by the breeze.

Numerous cats everywhere taking breakfast, amongst the black bags. Tiny kittens playing in the road on the Paralia. New ones being created by an amorous tomcat, just a few feet away.

Nikos the baker, and his son sitting outside the bakery - waiting for the dough to rise in the proving oven. The gentleman who looks after the church, crossing himself as he unlocks the gates of Tries Hieraches.

The street cleaners all hard at work at the start of another busy day.

An early morning taste of island life, from a small rock in the aegean ...

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