Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bouquet Garni ...

Of a different nature ...

Strolling along the paralia this morning, and there was my friend Vasilis Koralis.

Vasilis has been busy all summer guiding tourists around town, and into the hills on his nature walk. I have been pulling his leg about getting me some nice oregano, from his secret supply base up in the hills. Now being a gentleman of 'mature years' he has asked me to remind him - each time he has forgotten. He had other things on his mind.

This time it was me who had forgotten, and he who was laughing, as he realised it was me who had a 'memory dump'

He handed me a carrier bag outside the port gates, full of oregano stems, and several branches of fresh bay leaves. The fragrant hit when the bag was opened, was full on. Several sniffs later, i had sneezed and cleared the sinuses back as far as Koukounaries.

Thankfully no one had us confused with inspecting any other type of herb. But now almost ready, is a winter supply of lovely Skiathos Oregano - ready for the jars ...

The Walks of Skiathos Island by Vasilis Koralis

The 60 page book includes full colour photographs and reproduction prints by local artists. See http://www.skiathosinfo.com/walks.htm

Sadly the book itself is out of print, but is available for download at just 8 euro from Skiathos Direct  Reviews of the Book can be found here

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