Tuesday, 23 August 2011

You get asked many things ...

You get asked many things here when you are working here and being English and a former tourist. I try to help as best i can.

Do you speak French/Italian/Serbian/Portugese/Spanish etc

No but I do speak English ...

Where is this ?
How do i get to ?
Is this any good ?
Do you go to ?
OK who does ? 

and can you look after ...

Sometimes you are like a traffic policeman on point duty.
In the process you learn a lot about people amd countries - Its great fun

Last night, i was looking after some kids buggies whilst a family went to dinner at a nice restaurant. They returned and the eldest child gave me a carrier bag with a bottle of ice cold Heineken in it.

That has never happened before ...

So whoever the family were - Thank you, it really made my evening.

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