Thursday, 18 August 2011

Do you speak French ? ...

Some French high rollers tried to moor up last night. Politely told to contact the Port for mooring arrangements. Naturally they took no notice but very quickly learned some Greek from the man in charge

So they ignored everyone and berthed in the flying cat position ...

Cue Port officer who eventually persuaded them that the big red boat with a number on it, behind them wanted their spot, and had owners rights and they should leave.

So they berthed where the Dolphin arrives ...

Cue Port officer who was close to jumping up and down at this moment, who eventually persuaded them that the little blue noisy boat behind them wanted their spot back too.

€250k boat, fully equipped with side thrusters, sat nav, GPS and four people who cannot be bothered to use the radio to book a berth.

Great entertainment - Repeated again this morning when the Cat arrived at 7.30am - Do love the French - not so 'Entente cordiale'

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  1. Welcome back Skiathian. I was really pleased when found you were back up and running. Keep it going!