Thursday, 21 July 2011

Only 35.9C ...

or 95.9F in the real world ...

Its getting cooler and the humidity section of the thermometer has died a death - It says 'EE' which i thought was reserved for some types of model.

House still spic and span and no sign of guests.

Did i mention the mother in law is en route 12 hours into her epic 36 hour journey by bus. How is that for a spectracular double booking by the lady of the house.

I am off to meet her in Larissa on Friday before making an epic - if desperate dash for the 8pm Flying Dolphin from Volos.

The other guests have now departed Athens by bus and are en route - for the evening Flying Cat. I have made some unnoficial amendments, to the layout within the house, and will, await the fall out later ...

Guests latest eta @ 21.30pm

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