Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Talks of Walks ...

Tonight I chatted with Vasilis Koralis 

Vasilis is a great friend, we often talk about the island and the history. He takes walking tours out twice a week around the town, and a Nature walk to discover the flora and fauna.

We chatted whilst sitting by the harbour watching the tourists and Greek friends and neighbours who passed by pausing for a chat. 

Eleanour, Malcolm and Rosemary paused for a while, as they took the evening air. Swallows passing very close overhead as we spoke. In one case between Vasils and I as we were seated by the water.

Vasilis is the renown author of the well known guidebook 'The Walks of Skiathos Island'...


Written by Vasilis Korallis, a Greek-American who now lives permanently in Skiathos, this book will appeal to walkers and non-walkers alike as it contains lots of interesting information about Skiathos in general such as beaches, shops, nature, flora, fauna, history and art.

Consisting of a series of 18 walks ranging from simple, quick walks to more involved, longer walks

The book is a must for anyone who has visited or intends to visit the beautiful island of Skiathos and, like most of its visitors, has fallen in love with the place.

The 60 page book includes full colour photographs and reproduction prints by local artists.(

Sadly the book itself is out of print, but is available for download at just 8 euro from Skiathos Direct 

Reviews of the Book can be found here

If you are here this summer, spend some time walking with Vasilis and learn about the real Skiathos, from a true Skiathian ...

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