Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lemon scented ...

Fragrant hands scented with the oil of freshly picked lemons

For what will probably be the last time this summer, I visited my favourite lemon trees this morning.

With the aid of my painting pole, and a paint damaged roller, I was able to harvest the top of the tree. There are still a few left but someone else, will enjoy them. Some of the trees are already fruiting with the next crop. Others are in flower, I will leave them in peace to produce a bumper harvest - hopefully just for me.

Porto Paradiso looked stunning this morning. The sea like a sheet of glass, brilliant light and just a few sun loungers - just the way it should be. Great reflections on the lake too, and just me and another solitary tourist enjoying the view at 7am

Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn are here and were enjoying Tsougria, on their annual vacation to the island. Its great to see them mixing with the tourists, and enjoying our little island every year.

Leave you with the thoughts of the sound of the swallows screaching overhead here in town, and freshly picked fragrant lemons ...

PS - To my learned friend - you are expected, your table is booked as requested ...

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