Thursday, 9 June 2011

Lean Mean driving machines ...

Motorcycle meeting on Skiathos 

From the 9th to 13th of June, the 30th annual meeting of the Greek Motorcycle Association is taking place here on Skiathos.

There are some very interesting Motorcycles here at the moment, Some guys who look like the "Black widows" that pass by a couple of times a day on the Paralia complete with flags and bunting.

Some big BMW types came off the ferry yesterday. Treated us to some serious engine revving on the Paralia. Before heading off sedately out of town - Last night some rode in and treated the holidaymakers to a look at, and the sound of their machines.

This morning, around 200 bikers, all shapes and sizes, some serious equipment and one crash helmet wearing bulldog riding pillion on a large cc petrol tank - unloaded from the Express Pegasus and Express Skiathos.

The ring road was like the Isle of Man TT, naturally apart from the dog, only the policeman was wearing a crash helmet.

Great sound from the engines - reather like Silverstone
in a Grand Prix

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