Sunday, 19 June 2011

How to park a hire car ...

  1. Lady gets into a hire car (Jimmy) this morning, and is shown where everything is by the owner
  2. She moves the car and drives into parking space, taking out an 18 inch high traffic bollard.
  3. Drives back over the bollard wedging it under the wheels and scraping it along the road.  
  4. Gets out and looks around, and at the plastic tape, that leads from another bollard down the street and under the rear of the car. 
  5. Gets back in and straightens the car up then looks at me. 
  6. I point out the bollard now wedged midway under the Jimmy.
  7. She shrugs shoulders in local fashion. 
  8. Then drives off, followed by plastic tape and one attached bollard. 
  9. The trapped bollard releases itself from rear of car and springs out with an audible clunk. 
  10. The Jimmy is then reversed back into the space, taking the tape and one bollard with it - tape now wrapped round the wheels.
  11. In doing so runs over the first bollard again.
  12. Succesfully parked, the lady heads off towards Papadamatis street ...

The horse and carriage man will return again tonight, to find his area that was neatly cordoned off in ruins, and motorcycles parked where the horses should be ...

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