Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Eclipse ...

Tonight the full moon rose and slowly emerged with a moonburst, through watery cloud ...

Then it darkened as the shadow of planet Earth crossed its surface, and was tinted red before the cloud cover interfered with our view.

The moon was a blue tinged colour as the eclipse became total. I can understand why, watching from the Paralia in ancient times people would hide away thinking doom would befall them.

I felt the same way and headed home, and a nightcap at Taverna Alexandros. Where a drunken Brit lady told everyone loudly, she had 'Twittered' Taverna Alexandros, with a 'twitpick' and it was now famous.

"All her friends wanted to know where it was" she said

We felt like telling the "Twit" with the "Twitter" that it already was ...

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