Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Early morning alarm call ...

There is nothing like a thunderstorm to wake you up ..

Boom and I am up, removing plugs, closing shutters and securing the balcony. Downstairs closing shutters and returning upstairs damp and am told ...

... why did you wake me up !

Its crashing and banging outside, rain hammering on the roof, and for some reason, I am the one at fault

Three hours later and tourists are asking are we still going ? 17 Serbians cancelled not convinced.

The skies to the east said warm and sunny. The skies to the west had towering cumulonimbus and thunder caps over the mainland that climbed and dissipaited before your eyes.

The boat went "The other way round" and they had a lovely day. The skies cleared and there were very happy faces on the return to the berth this evening ...

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