Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dear Mayor ...

There is a big problem with flyers and posters

The clubs have now opened and they are covering every available space on Bus stops, lamp posts and noticeboards with posters and flyers.
Not everyone wants to see posters of the playboy bunnies or miss topless DJ.

Naturally the clubs do not remove the old posters and just cover them up with a new one. It does not look good and creates the wrong impression.

Last night one of the posters peeled off a lamp post in the high winds we are currently experiencing and flew past the horse carriages - spooking the horses. Had it not been for the quick actions of the driver we would have had a horse bolting on the paralia.

If the council wants to smarten up the town, then this rubbish needs to be removed daily, by the street cleaners and consigned to the bin, where most of the flyers end up.

You know it makes sense - thanks for reading

Kind regards

I will let you know if I get a reply ... 


  1. As you know, one can find Mr Mayor every morning around 8-9 in the palio limani - hanging w/ all the guys for coffee there, in a kafe or in the Ag. Nik. boat. I found it to be a great help to speak to him face to face... a sweet man, a bit ineffectual but when I spoke to him about my concerns in the platia by where i stay, he acted. There was satisfaction that very day. I would think that he would appreciate your concerns. Good luck with that! As a former 'teamster' who drove large draft horses, single and in teams,for years, I know too well what havoc a bolting horse can wreak. Nikolaos surely wouldn't want that catastrophe there in lovely Skiathos.

  2. There is a general ignorance towards the horses.

    Two lads lined their motorbikes up by them last night and started revving the engines for a race start - something they learned a few weeks ago.
    One of the drivers held the horses and the other shouted at them then they slowly left the scene.

    I am amazed how many tourists point a camera at them at short range, then seem surprised the horse shies away from the flash.

    Nikos is fine with personal contact, I always e-mail him and then speak to him. I know he has many requests a day for assistance. I find him responsive too.