Thursday, 23 June 2011

Customer service - Take 3 ...

To the Managing Director
Lindam UK
Sent: 23 June 2011 12:42

Dear Sir

I thought you might be interested in a dialogue that i have had with your careline team.

I have a safety issue with one of your gates, and am seeking a replacement part. It seems that you are unable to post this to me here in Greece. I have explained that I bought the unit in Mothercare in Croydon. I exported that gate, and the baby to Greece. I have offered to pay for the part but have had an indifferent response - both from Mothercare, and Lindam.

Here in Greece you need a paper for this a stamp for that - I think the word
'bureacracy' was invented here, but news has spread. It seems many companies do not like to post things to Greece, even if you offer to pay the bill. 

You know we are customers wherever we are,
and from a company who claim to be 'Europe's leading child home safety brand.  Lindam is the leading supplier of child safety lines in the UK and offers the broadest range of safety solutions globally'

This despite the lack of a 'Global' solution to the additional stamps required for a customer in need ...

Kind regards

Sometimes you have to push a few buttons to get things done ...

On 23 June 2011 13:06, Sheila Robson wrote:
Dear Sir

I have been asked to look into your email received today. I am sorry if you have been inconvenienced while waiting for a spare part. My colleague arranged for a lower hinge bar to be posted to the UK address on 21.6.11.

In addition, I will post you the part required to your address in Greece

Sheila Robson
Customer Service Manager

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