Friday, 10 June 2011

Burning rubber ...

Another couple of hundred motorbikes rolled off the Express Skiathos this morning. 

Getting rather crazy - some of the stunts on the Paralia, and a few who like to do Grand Prix starts from the ferry gates along the road.

Not a policeman in sight anywhere, to watch the guys pulling wheelies from the Alpha bank past the taxi rank, as they ride out.

Some of them were in the fish harbour last night, revving engines until they backfire like a gun shot, until past midnight. Some more rode through the lanes at the back of Marias, and had a welcome slap from a shopkeeper with a broom, as they passed by ...

Strong Meltemi winds today, making town like standing next to a hairdryer. Its the type of day where you walk down the street hiding in the shady spots - trying not to venture out into the sunlight and heat.

Storms are forecast for Saturday night it seems - that should dampen things down at the camp site at Asselinos where the Mortorbike rally is taking place ...

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