Thursday, 5 May 2011

Winter returns ...

Its February isn't it ?

Today the weather has been foul, Its been like winter, wind rain and cold. I do feel for the poor tourists who were soaked and in light clothing.

This evening we went to the supermarket, the wind was whistling along the Paralia. Spots of rain in the wind - Dark clouds low on the hills. I was very pleased to get home.

However there was a glimmer of good fortune, we visited the fish factory near the Piscine Art Hotel. What a surprise, fresh John Dory, Sea Bass, Monkfish, Gavros, Sardines, Squid, Langoustines and Salmon ...

Two salmon cutlets made it home, not cheap but with a cream sauce, tagliatelle, and some white asparagus - They were lovely !

Come Dine with me - Skiathos - Now there is an idea ...

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